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By tumaku
This was the "Hello world" sketch that I wrote to start playing with MicroView. I tweeted a short youtube video and somebody asked for the code. I do not even know if text scrolling is supported "natively" by the MicroView library. Just in case it is useful for someone else, I have decided to post the code here.
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#include <MicroView.h>
// MicroView scrolling sketch
// Written by @tumaku_ 2014 

int mStartPosition=63;
int mCharWidth=0;
uint8_t mString [] ={'H','o','l','a',' ','m','u','n','d','o','!','!','!'};
int mStringSize=13;
void setup() {
	uView.begin();				// start MicroView
	uView.clear(PAGE);			// clear page

void loop () {
        for (int j=0; j<mStringSize; j++){
        if (mStartPosition<-mStringSize*mCharWidth) mStartPosition=63;

void drawChar(int x, int y, uint8_t value) {
   if ((x+ mCharWidth>0)&&(x<64)) uView.drawChar(x,y,value);
By scotta
tumaku wrote:I do not even know if text scrolling is supported "natively" by the MicroView library.
There are functions to do left and right scrolling in hardware, uView.scrollLeft and uView.scrollRight, but they are very limited.
  • The area you want to scroll must be on the screen.
  • The scroll region is limited to a single area starting and ending on 8 pixel high boundaries (pages), and will be the full width.
  • The scroll region will be padded with a blank area the width of the screen.
  • You can't control the speed (although this is a future possibility).
Unless these limitations suit your purposes, using software to scroll is required, as in the original post.

uView.scrollLeft example:
Code: Select all
#include <MicroView.h>

void setup() {
  uView.print("<- Scroll");
  uView.setCursor(0, 16);
  uView.setCursor(0, 24);
  // scroll region is page 2 to page 3
  // (vertical pixels 16 to 31)
  uView.scrollLeft(2, 3);

void loop() {
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