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Everything pertaining to the service, the phant project which powers it, and user projects which talk to the service.
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By fourstix
I've been getting either a page with no data or a Error 502 Bad Gateway response when I try to view the data in my stream for my weather station.

I've tried several other public streams, and get the same error.

I realize it's a free service and in beta, but I have 3 different projects (a Weather Station, a Geiger Counter and a Storm Detector) built with Sparkfun hardware that use this service and they are not functioning right now.

Is there any estimated time when the service will be back up? Does Sparkfun intend to maintain this service? Or is the service now dead, and it's time to migrate to another service?

Thank you for any help.
By dsvilko
I would also very much like to know.
I've got a year worth of sensor data with no way to access it. If the project is dead, please allow us at least a few weeks (days?) to backup our data. To completely shut down the service without a warning is very unprofessional.
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By fourstix
Bad news. It looks like it's down permanently. Here's what says today:

Phant is no longer in operation
Unfortunately Phant, our data-streaming service, is no longer in service. The system has reached capacity and, like a less-adventurous Cassini, has plunged conclusively into a fiery and permanent retirement. We know this is frustrating to current and potential users, and we absolutely understand your disappointment.

How can I retrieve my existing data?
All the data that was already in Phant has been secured. We built the Data Retrieval System below where you can recover your data using your stream ID and download the contents. This service will be live through December 31, 2017.
By Tallin
Have you had any luck with the Retrieval System? I haven't been able to get it working with any of my keys.
By k007
Unfortunately, I cannot retrieve any data. I constantly get an error "Please enter a valid stream ID". Could you please tell me, what should I use for the "Stream ID"? Is it a public key?
Best Regards,
By CaptAndy
Really bad news that Sparkfun have decided to completely remove the Phant service (not much fun anymore!). If you would like to have a go at running the Phant software yourself on a local server (such as a network connected Raspberry Pi), the software is still available for download from here : . The software is open source so hopefully Sparkfun won't remove it.

Sparkfun could have put the above link on their website but for some reason they have decided not to. The demise of Phant shows what can happen if you decide to use an IOT service. Come on Sparkfun, bring back the fun.
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By fourstix
No. I've never been able to retrieve any data for any of my streams on

I get an invalid key message no matter what key I use. I tried the public, private and even the delete keys, but none of them ever worked. I tried several times, and finally just gave up.

I did manage to set up a local instance of Phant, running on a Raspberry Pi 2 B.

Since my Sparkfun Weather Station uses the Electric Imp, I needed to change the Electric Imp agent code to use the external (public) IP address of my router instead of the URL for Then I added a redirect rule to router that redirects incoming traffic from the Phant port to the assigned local IP address of the Raspi running Phant. That way the electric imp servers can reach the local phant instance.

This had to be done, because the Electric Imp agent code runs on their servers, outside the router, while the Electric Imp device code runs on the local network inside the router.
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