Migrate to private phant server - new data streams needed?

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Migrate to private phant server - new data streams needed?

Post by bmillet » Mon Aug 15, 2016 11:23 am


We have been using the data.sparkfun.com site for ~30 nitrogen gas flow sensors, pulling the data down and storing it in a SQL server.
However, the site regularly has time out errors making the code that pulls the data down take a very long time to run (on the order of several hours).

I have set up a local phant server which is up and running.
At the time I anticipated generating new data streams for each sensor and updating the data loggers with the new private/public keys.

However, our facilities guy who set up these sensors has asked me to try to set up data streams using the same private/public keys he was using before.
This is because he does not want to physically connect to each of the data loggers to modify their code.

From all my searching it appears that this is not possible though I have found no direct reference to this.

Can anyone confirm if it is possible to specify the private/public keys for newly generated data streams?


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