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By axe34

I purchased an XBee module + redboard + shield last summer and made an internet data-logger (https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/in ... -xbee-wifi)

I've purchased 4 times the above recently to replicate the system (i.e. to monitor the environment in different areas of a house and send the data to separate sparkfun websites). The serial plot always shows connection success (as it does for the original unit) but data is never sent to the websites.

Any ideas?
By Valen
Consults magic fortunetelling sphere: .... Not enough input, shpere says "no"!.

How do you know that data never is transmitted? Have you tried to capture the wifi network traffic with another computer with some program like Wireshark? Any wifi enabled computer on the same SSID should be able to receive the conversation between Xbee Wifi , wireless router and server-on-internet (if it wants to). It may not work for your specific wifi chipset though. The program spits a huge amount of cryptic data at you so you may need to keep the capture time period short. And investigate how to use it's filter methods. Maybe you'll find some references to the Xbee IP or MAC. So worth a try. As you have no other way to know and you'll remain completely deaf in Wifi-land.

I followed this tutorial, but I don't have an Xbee Wifi. I just got normal Wifi traffic for my laptop.