Host some data for the IoT device (server to device)

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Host some data for the IoT device (server to device)

Post by tml » Tue Mar 22, 2016 2:57 pm

Does provide any means to host some data (ideally plaintext over HTTP/FTP) from which it can be obtained by my IoT device?

My device needs to read user configuration in order to set up data probing intervals and also check if a firmware upgrade is available.
Currently I host it at some temporary HTTP server that both hosts a config/firmware image file and handles POST requests. The configuration strings are quite short but the Intel Hex file can be of approx. 40kB in size.

I need this address to be fixed of course (so that the device checking periodically always get the right content), I could probably use some or anything similar but I'd rather have both input and output at Sparkfun.

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