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By rsegoly
I have seen a link on my feeds to analog io, I registered and saw that I can import feeds and so on, but nothing works and no guide.
How do I use it?
By agilb
#187156 is a site capable of graphical representations for your data streams. Right now, posting seems to be problematic if you are sending to https vs. http
By rsegoly
I must be missing something
I logged in into
I see options to create streams or import for example from sparkfun, but nothing happen, no stream are created
By agilb
you need to select which columns need to be plotted. It does take a while to generate and things do seem to be down lately.
By rsegoly
any other one you can recommend?
I'd like to display data from data.sparkfun on gauges online
BTW Adafruit has also very intersting beta integrated with IFTTT and has python libraries.
I use it now for testing
By betoarango

Im assuming it isnt a hijack cause the does not work.. or if it does it takes so long that my browser resets.. :oops:

I use the "phant to google graph" page.
It works well, however it is tricky posting data that has variable levels
for example measuring conductivity in the low thousands turbidity in the low twenties and PH under 8.5... you just see the conductivity as the graph is scalled, and then both of the smaller ones seem like zeros... other than that it is cool... ... hing-data/

It seems however that it will not update unless you close and click it open again...
any ideas on how to reset it.. so it checks for updates every couple minutes... that would make it really cool..
If someone knows how to post 2 graphs this might allow for separate sub10 graph and a thousnads graph so that both streams can be analyzed...
By betoarango
found it...paste this in

<script type="text/javascript">
var timeout = setTimeout("location.reload(true);",600000); // resets every 10 minutes
function resetTimeout() {
timeout = setTimeout("location.reload(true);",600000);

just above the following part

<div id="chart" style="width: 80;"></div>

and it will reset after 10 minutes keeping your page constantly updated. I make 4 readings a day so for me it is real time...
now to get the double graph to work...
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