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By RichardE
Started playing around with data.sparkfun.com and it is almost working. I am writing some client side code in Typescript/JavaScript for execution on my Windows 7 PC (initially) and can successfully fetch data from my stream using this program. It uses XMLHttpRequest to send get requests to the appropriate address. The problem is, when I run this code in Internet Explorer 11 the data it fetches is always out of date. I've tried refreshing the page using F5 and also Ctrl+F5 but his has no effect. I suspect that it isn't refreshing the correct page. i.e. It isn't the page with my code on that needs to be refreshed - it is the Sparkfun stream. The only thing that fixes it is deleting cookies and website data (Safety menu - Delete browsing history .. - tick some boxes and click "Delete"). However, if I monitor the same stream from Sparkfun's page (https://data.sparkfun.com/streams/...) then it always gets the latest data simply by refreshing the page using F5.

So what's the trick to getting the latest un-cached data?

Any help appreciated.