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By agilb
Please excuse my ignorance on this one. I am looking to sell management on the idea of tracking a some sensors using the site here as a springboard to our own. I don't understand the time stamp; I understand the need for something global, but why Reykjavik as the standard? Is there a way to change the timezone listed or considerations for doing this on a different server?
Thanks in advance.
By agilb
Now I'm even more curious! I have been posting for some time now and as I glanced through the data today I found some time stamps leap-frogging. By that I mean the time stamp doesn't go in order. I got postings 11:09, 11:10, 11:12, 11:11, 11:14, 11:13, 11:15, 11:16. Any insight without reference to a sonic screwdriver would be much appreciated. All those with such an explanation will still be considered, but only after all flux capacitors are fully fluxing.
By nb99
I don't know about the times leapfrogging, but I also needed timezone adjustment, and I finally found a reference on github that works for me: ... URTIMEZONE
( )

I think Sparkfun are to be applauded for providing a nice simple free service, but it's just a teensy worry re ongoing dedication to the service that fairly crucial info like this has not been incorporated into the primary docs - at least nowhere I have manged to find - and I can't see any responses from sfun folk to the forum questions since the very first one.
By mtmentat
Bump for timestamp question. Out of order doesn't worry me too much, but it does make graphing sensor data over time just look odd. If anyone has figured out how to make sure the data is properly ordered as it is recorded on I'm all ears! :D
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