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Everything pertaining to the service, the phant project which powers it, and user projects which talk to the service.
By ilikeleds
I would like to run Phant on a local network to log data from my Arduino using a WiFi xbee. I have installed Phant on a old XP machine connected to my router and both the Phant and Telnet servers are up and running. I have also created a Phant stream to receive my data using "create", so I have the Public and Private keys.

My Arduino is up and running and my xbee shield is connected to my Wifi and router. I have the Phant Arduino libray and I am using the Sparkfun data logging tutorial, but for the life of me I cannot get the Arduino to talk to the Phant server. I am afraid that the Phant Arduino library has been written especially for "" and this could be part of the problem. I have searched the net extensively and their is no real good explanation on how to install and use Phant to log data on a window based local area network using an Arduino. I don't really know much about JavaScript, but am willing to learn. I feel there are probably a lot of others out there that might also like to know how to do this.

With that said...any help would be appreciated.