Impedance of PCB track at 433Mhz

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Impedance of PCB track at 433Mhz

Post by kangyunmei » Tue Dec 25, 2018 7:12 pm

Hi to all.
How can one determine the impedance of a[url] pcb [ ... il/1027430]track.
The track is about 5cm long , 1.7mm wide , grounded on one end. There
no ground plane.All the searches I've done come up with microstrip
calculations which don't seem
to cater for this geometry.
The track acts as an antenna , so I would like to know it's impedance
to design a matching network.
This RF stuff is not my strong point , so any pointers would be great.
I hope I've given enough info for you boffins out there !!


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