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By Deck52
Hello, I'm using 2 lumenati 3x3 LED array with a adafruit ardunio metro. I have all the connects correct, I load FasLED code and even the code right from the Sparkfun site but nothing changes, There is only a couple leds lit up. When I connect a adafruit neopixel to the same setup it lights right up. Any help would be great. Thanks.
By jremington
I have all the connects correct
Probably not. The code could be wrong, too.

But there is no way any of us could be sure, because you forgot to post any useful information.
By Deck52
Here are the connections, I'm using the code from the product page. Thanks.
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By jremington
Looks like you have a problem with poorly soldered, or even unsoldered connections.

It is very important to learn to solder correctly. Sparkfun and other hobby distributors have good on line tutorials.
By Deck52
It's not a soldering problem. I've also had it hooked to a bead board and it was the same.
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By darrellg
I can't tell where the other end of your wires go, but you should know that the wires you are holding in your hand in the first photo are connected to the output of that device. If you are trying to send your clock and data into that end, it will not work.
By Deck52
Thank You so much! What a dumb mistake. Thats what happens when you get to frustrated. That worked like a charm. Cheers.