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Did you make a robotic coffee pot which implements HTCPCP and decafs unauthorized users? Show it off here!
By martinius96
The web application offers irrigation control in automatic mode - 2 start times with the option of selecting the watering interval, manual mode, setting the minute interval from the momentary time. The system keeps irrigation efficient and can only be active in rain-free weather.

The system can also automatically control (based on temperature) an optional heating or cooling system. It is possible to select the desired temperature including hysteresis. "Originally made for a glass that keeps the temperature. In the summer it cools, in the winter it clears up.

The system allows you to modify the names of the individual rooms / periphery. Ability to change the login name and password, system logs with invalid sensor error messages, a real-time overview table with all values. Possibility of remote restart of the board. Data visualization over graphs - temperature at 5-minute intervals, heating / cooling activity and all irrigated circuits at minute intervals. The system also includes a record of max / min values for different periods.

Hardware for the project:
Arduino Mega
6x relay
1x ds18b20, or other temperature sensor or thermistor
1x FC-37 (or related Rain Sensor)
Wiznet W5100 shield (compatible with W5500 module)
The system is brisk, web-based. In the event of a connection failure, all outputs are safely switched off, and Arduino synchronizes with the web as soon as the connection to the Web is established.

The system is suitable for polishing pots, gardens, flower beds. The relay can be connected, for example, with solenoids or different types of elmg valves for water or pumps. Each relay can tighten 2.3kW. (10A at 230V)

The whole logic of the system runs on the web, Arduino runs PHP scripts that update all outputs with time, input values, hysteresis, and so on.

If you have any questions about the system, please contact me.
Web (not translated yet):