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By ubercell

I'm a college student and have an upcoming project that's due for a graphic design class. I'm not an engineer by any means (graphic design is my primary interest), but I do know that there are a host of knowledgeable and kind people on this community that have a deep understanding of making things... and I'm in need of a little of your expertise.

So for this design project we were tasked with coming up with a Christmas magazine ad for a company that stretched the limits of print design. Inspired by a Moto X magazine ad, I thought it would be super cool to make an ad for Nintendo that you could actually play. Thus, the Game Boy Paper was born.

Now, I know this idea is pretty crazy (check the images below), but I was wondering if this thing can even remotely be built. My idea is that, like the Moto X ad, the components would be embedded under the paper, but I have no idea how cheaply the GBP hardware could be made for. It would need a microcontroller, buttons, battery, lcd, etc. The hardware would only need to be capable of playing one game (I'm thinking Super Mario Bros Deluxe) and the device is mostly a gimmick that's meant to advertise the release of the Game Boy Color Classic (not a real thing, but if Nintendo decides to do it one day, I've totally got their marketing covered).

Anyway, I would really appreciate any insight into how much this might cost to produce. The cost doesn't have to be completely realistic, just an estimate, I tried to calculate the cost myself, but I just have no idea what kind of acceptable components to choose or how much those components would truly end up costing.

Thanks so much for your time!

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