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By ryurkovich

I am trying to set up a Tsunami Super Wav player to play 5 different tracks of bird songs for a museum exhibit. Visitors would push a button and the corresponding individual speakers would play that track. Ideally the track won't be able to be started again until it is finished playing.

See proposed schematic:

I am using this amp, and 8 ohm speakers, and a 5V 2A Micro USB Charger Power Adapter.
Dayton Audio DTA-1 Class D AC/DC Battery Powered Mini Amplifier 15 WPC ... c--300-380

I read all of the instructions I could find, formatted the audio files to .wav, 44.1kHz, 16-bit, mono files.
They are titled as 001_A, 002_B, etc.
I loaded the most recent mono firmware on the sd card.
I loaded the .ini file on the sd card (See image)

I haven't installed this with the long speaker wires yet, and am testing it with short ones.
When I connect the ground and + of the triggers, the audio doesn't seem to go through to the output 1.
The status light blinks once quickly every few seconds.
Is there anything I may be missing?

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By ryurkovich

I have resolve the audio issue, it was the file type.

I now have a new issue I could use some help with.
Button input "E" which has a long cord running through the ceiling has been getting some interference and triggering the player automatically when the button isn't pushed. Is there any way to adjust settings / add resistors to the cord or board without running a whole new wire?

Someone suggested to me - "Adding a capacitor across the switch wires could help but this should probably be checked with Robertson to make sure that is compatible with the input. A capacitor can cut down the noise ripple voltage. " Is this possible, if so how?