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By zozoman
I am quite new to electronics and Arduino, but I am eager to learn.

I recently saw this project and I want to make something like this for my office, but with more features and shorter. I just wasn't sure of all of the parts required after the big components.

I plan to make a LED sign that is about 2-3 feet, with a speaker, flashing light, and a button. Once the button is pushed a message is displayed and the speaker and lights go off.

I ordered the following so far:

- LEDs (5 meters ws2812b)
- PSU (5v 12A)
- 3 Pin JST SM Male Female Plug (for the LEDs)
- An Arduino Uno

What I'm not sure of what else to get are the small things that aren't explicitly mentioned or are possibly a "given".

I know I will need solder, a soldering iron, a power cord to interface with the PSU, possibly wire nuts, jumpers, and that's it.

The other question I had was about this Big Dome Pushbutton. The description says it is 12v, would it work with the 5v PSU I have or would it barely glow when pressed?

Also, can anyone recommend a decent speaker that could be heard well across a room and a light similar to this and work with the PSU I already got?

Is there anything else I might be missing? I am open to any other advice as well.

Thank you!