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By kwfb
Hi all,

Im new to this forum, but i need some expert opinions.

I have a sensor, it gives me only very basic yes/no information - its basically a switch that either connects a circuit (yes) or not (no).

I want to send the smallest amount of information e.g. only when the sensor gives a 'yes', wirelessly.

I want to be able to do this over a fair distance, and I want the transmitter (i.e. the part attached to the sensor) to be as small and as cheap as possible, as there is a good chance it may be destroyed.

so far my guess is RF will be the best option, but I'm no expert, hence I am asking this forum on their thoughts.

any help would be appreciated!

By jremington
do this over a fair distance
Please define "fair distance", in meters or kilometers, and describe the environment, i.e. whether this distance is line of sight (no hills, walls, buildings, trees in between transmitter and receiver).

How will you receive the signal?
By kwfb
lets say 200m, no clear line of sight, may not be a straight line, and obstructions can be made of steel and and concrete.

signal could be received by any means possible. i.e. could be expensive and large if necessary.