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By jobobt
I am modifying a load cell for a crane and I need wireless communication back to a laptop for recording the weight from OpenScale.

I have tried making it wireless by connecting the OpenScale serial out to a Xbee Explorer Serial board with a XBee Pro S1. I have a matching XBee Pro S1 module on a Xbee Explorer USB board connected to my laptop.

Openscale works correctly when connected directly to PC using USB cable. I have also verified communication through Xbee modules by sending serial communications from 1 PC to another. However when I disconnect the Openscale USB port and connect it to the Xbee serial board I get bad data. It is communicating, but the data is gibberish. It looks like maybe wrong baud rate setting, but I have verified and re-verified this setting. I have also tried other baud rates without success.

I am looking for any help on making this hardware configuration work or suggestions on different wireless communication hardware for the OpenScale.
By jobobt
Problem solved. I quit trying to make the xbees that I had on hand work and instead ordered the bluetooth mate gold for communication. Everything works great now.