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Did you make a robotic coffee pot which implements HTCPCP and decafs unauthorized users? Show it off here!
Hello. I’m a full time artist (25 years) and am working on a series of large optical wall sculptures (typical 60” x 30” x 3” depth) that require 6-10A of LED strip lighting. I’d like to activate the lighting using a PIR switch, and would like the LEDs to fade on (20-30 seconds) and fade off (same amount of time). My clients are demanding. I need the mechanism(s) to be robust, lasting hopefully as long as the LED lights (50,000 hours or so). I produce approximately 1 piece per month so I also need to be able to replicate the mechanism. Any help would be greatly appreciated. PS. I’ve purchased the Oznium dimmer for tests but it’s 2A max makes its use in actual pieces unfeasible.