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Did you make a robotic coffee pot which implements HTCPCP and decafs unauthorized users? Show it off here!
By ctryan
Wanted to build a cellphone/tablet charger. Would the SparkFun Adjustable LiPo Charger with a USB Type A Female Breakout get me closer to accomplishing this?
By jremington
The charger will charge LiPo batteries, which you could then put in your phone. The charger will not talk to the phone.
By ctryan
Thanks for the response. I guess I’m trying to make things harder than they need to be. I’d like to build a multi-port USB charging station. Not sure why I’d need to separate the USB end from the main board. I’ve followed a ton of examples online and just wanted to have a little more flexibility on where/how I position the USB ports in my enclosure.