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By Memento

For a project for school I wanted to do something with vision camera's, this one seemed to have a decent price for me, as I also want to use it for future personal projects. They claim to be compatible with the Raspberry Pi, however I wasn't certain about their compatibility and uncertain of setting this up. Does anybody have any experience on this? Any advice is appreciated. ... 1-120U3C-L
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By DanV
Not compatible with USB2.0 ... Their manual states :
USB3.0 Vision Cameras can’t work in USB2.0 mode, if you connect a USB3.0 Vision Camera
to a USB2.0 controller, you will not open the USB3.0 Vision Camera successfully.

I'd have a look at their manual: ... 1.0.37.pdf
It looks like they took a small box and mounted a tiny board inside and charge $150 for it.

wouldn't you rather play around with the RaspiCamera for $30.
There's libraries just for the Pi.
By Memento
Hi Dan,

Thank you for your reply and advice. I looked at the RaspiCamera, but it doesn´t support the higher amount of MP I wish to capture.
After finding this page (link below) it does state the USB3.0 works with a Raspberry Pi 3B including the camera module. I still won't risk
this, so I decided to contact the manufacturer. I will reply with the answer when I get it to help others. ... SB3-Camera
By Memento
Sorry for the late answer, but the manufacturer told me the following: usb3.0 vision cameras can support all are compatible with ARMV7 platforms, so the Raspberry Pi as well. Next to this, their current SDK/driver is only in Chinese, they will bring out their final, English version out at the end of September. I hope this is helpful to anyone else.