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By mdntpny23
Rebuilding a kid's toy and have broken power connectors. They make connection by sliding down on flat terminal. I can handle the soldering and replacements but don't know what this connection is called so been hard to find replacements
By lyndon
You can find them at most hardware stores or Home Depot.
By mdntpny23
Not spades. I'd love to pay a pic but site won't allow. It would be the male end of the spade, about an inch lock that's bent with attachment hole at one end. Hole doesn't matter since I'll be soldering back and not riveting.
By jremington
Everyone would benefit if you attempted to make some sense.

Photo of a male spade connector:
By mdntpny23
Still not correct. How do you post a picture? That would help a ton.
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By DanV
They are Quick connect terminals - they come in 1/4" and 3/6.
Auto parts stores carry them as well as home improvement stores.
They come insulated and non-insulated.
By mdntpny23
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By DanV
Wow, an inch long?
I've never seen anything quite like that.
Looks like you're going to be looking for some thin sheet brass and fashioning it yourself.