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By DM2
I'm new to playing with an with Arduino so please be patient with me.

I found a site that has information on a Gulf Cart Battery Monitoring System, using a "RedBoard" and what appears to be a screen of some sort.

the site has a diagram and program, but i'm not sure what screen to buy.

I was hoping to find the project on Sparkfun but couldn't find it. If it's out there a link would be appreciated.

If someone could recommend a screen compatible with the configuration files, I'd appreciate it.
By n1ist
From the looks of it, there are two Arduinos - one monitors the battery, and the other acts as a serial-based terminal with a SPFD5408-based TFT display. Note that there are two programs in the zip file.

BTW, the devices RB1 - RB6 are 6 relays with DPST contacts and 12 volt DC coils. Note also that this design REQUIRES a separate 12v battery to power it; you can NOT get the 12v from the main battery string as the circuit ground gets moved from cell to cell in the main battery based on which cell is being monitored.