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By im_a_kobe
Hello all!

First of all, a disclaimer: I am an absolute beginner and I'm seeking a way to actually begin. If this is the wrong page/protocol for this, please kindly direct me to the right place. Else, read on!

I would like to create a very simple concept, but likely a really complex execution: a camera sensor and a screen that displays what that camera shows. I hope to create it from scratch, so not using Arduino/RPi modules. This is just for fun and learning so there are no time constraints and I'm not afraid of programming or PCB design. Although I have no electronic experience besides a couple of physics classes in college, I would love to take on this challenge.

What I do know is that i can order some components separately, ie. an oled screen with a parallel interface and a CMOS sensor of some sort. My very limited logic states that i will probably need a microcontroller of some sort and a way to power the device. Whether or not this information is actually correct I don't actually know, so I'm hoping to get some direction from you smart folks!

Anything you can think to assist me would be helpful, but here are some questions:

-What components should I look at getting? I don't need storage, I just want to display a camera feed in one enclosed system, like a phone does when you open the camera app.
- What should I expect to do/learn to do when putting these components together? Ideally no soldering since i have terrible hands for such things, but I'm willing to learn anyway and soldier through.
- What are some good resources that can help me achieve this particular goal? I don't want to become an electronic engineer, or an expert in PCB design but I'd like to know just enough to create this one thing.


TL;DR: I'm a beginner who learns best when i have a tangible goal, such as creating a device that shows a camera feed. I would like to create this device and need some help starting out.