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By itolond
Hi All,

i am looking at the specific project where i want to use SMD RGB leds in a 12-14.8VDC environment

A strip led would do perfect with the exception I need to address each led individually - that is depending on a switch position (et 12v + DC) the led may illuminate say (R+B) for example.

i want to keep this a simple as possible - are there such LED strips - or will this be a custom build?
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By oesterle
I assume you plan to drive the strip from a microcontroller, like Arduino.

The most common addressable strips in use now (2018) are WS2812 ones, powered at 5VDC, with 5V logic, as well. There's lots of sample code for them. Here's one such strip:

And here's a very basic tutorial, designed for Arduino, running on Sparkfun RedStick: ... okup-guide

If you're using Raspberry pi to send data to the strip, you'll have an easier time with APA102 strips, like this one:

For any of these strips, you'll want a good power supply like this one, if you're lighting up more than a few LEDs: