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By Area69
I've used the excellent MP3trigger to add on demand sounds to my projects.

What I would like now is a simple solution for displaying short video clips on say something like a 7" LCD to be displayed on demand, similar in functionality to the Sparkfun MP3 Trigger or Wav Trigger.

I'm assuming there isn't a single board solution for this, at least not that I have been able to find.

I don't really want to use something like a Raspberry Pi if at all possible. I really would prefer more like an Arduino that senses a signal on a pin then requests a random or specific video from a flash drive, then plays that video on an attached display.

Does anyone know if there are Arduino shields available for such a configuration, or am I missing something? Am I making this too complicated?
By lyndon
What is your reason for not wanting to use a Raspberry Pi? By the time you've added the Arduino shields, you'll be past the price of a Pi + display for the same functionality. Only benefit is a shorter bootup time, and even that's debatable.