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Hello, I’m Bryce.

Me and a group of high school aged teenagers are part of a STEM Ten80 team, named Flaming Wheel Motorsports.Ten80 is a league where many teams of high school aged teenagers race R/C cars, while making upgrades and raising money to help us afford such upgrades. Our team had many different parts/teams to it, but I am part of the Data Driven Design team

We are looking to create a board using a OLED monitor. We have also been looking into a wireless board, but believe it is out of our league, but any help regarding it would be very useful. So far we’ve been recommended the ESP 8266 Thing, and a Gravity: Analog 50A Current Sensor (AC/DC).

We have 1:10 scale car, using a 7.2 volt battery.

A list of the important parts of the car:

Motor - Brushed Redcat 550.

Reciever - Redcat 3 channel 2.4 GHz.

ESC - Redcat Racing 1/10 Brushed Waterproofed ESC REDHW-WP-1040-BRUSHED.

A list of parts, a schematic or sketch of how they go together, an explanation, and hookup guide is what we need the most.

Thanks a ton,