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By aom

I'm trying to make my own embedded (Arduino currently but ultimately Teensy depending on RAM requirements) multi-universe DMX controller, by mux'ing multiple single-universe DMX shields ( ... rduino-r2/), but I can't control the universes individually as each one updates to the state of the previous universe when I switch over via the mux.

Curious to hear about any suggestions for a multi-universe DMX controller based on an embedded board like Arduino (or Teensy or Beaglebone) to avoid the use a dedicated computer (aside from for programming/development), or more generally, alternate approaches to a multi-universe DMX solution that allows me to write my light patterns programmatically (w/ random functions and sensor input) as opposed to playing scripts (which is what seems available commercially or through computer software solutions).

Many thanks your time attention, and responses,
By n1ist
Unfortunately, you need to continuously need to stream out DMX, so a mux won't work here. I have used processors with multiple UARTs in the past; some of the xmegas and teensys have 4 or 6 uarts. Alternatively, dedicate a single small processor to each universe and talk to the bunch of them over i2c or spi