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I was reading a thread from 2014 about this issue but I got many questions, so I bring it up again since the guys who were talking about it, aren't active anymore.

I explain: I'm trying to create several suits in which each suit will have its own El wire, El sequencer. My idea is to create LAN through XBEE module: XBee connected to a PC will send datas to others XBEE that they will be connected to their suit respectively. Coordination between music and light will be programmed through a software that will send the datas to the main XBEE connected to the PC.
My questions:
1. Does Vixen software do sth like this: create a pattern and send it through serial port?
2. Should I change XBEE module for DMX protocol?
3. Does XBEE work with DMX protocol anyway?
4. Any suggestion for make this project?

This project is to my enginneering electronics degree. I'm looking forward any help and I would thank a lot for it
Vixen can do this with the serial plugin. Hop on over to or - this has been done over there. I wouldn't bother with DMX for this (the XBEE can only handle a small number of channels of DMX due to the data rate unless you are doing raw 802.15.4)

Recently, most of the effort has moved to UDP over ESP8266 radios instead due to cost.