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By E-Ren
Hello all,

I am new to electronics, though have been wanting to dive into it. I am getting serious about becoming a prop maker, and I am currently building a vacuum forming machine. The easiest way to make the oven (outside using my kitchen oven) I found was to take the heating element rods from a toaster oven and transfer that to the oven box.

I want to play this as safe as possible though since I do not know anything about wiring. It seems I do not have to rewire if I am simply moving the units from point A (original toaster oven) to point B (vacuum former oven box).

I ask for any help I can get for accomplishing this. It looks like I will have to extend certain wires for it to fit nicely and keep the control switches out of the way mounted to the side. Any aid for going about installing this, even a step by step guidance would be very much appreciated.

Thank you
I can take more photos if needed as well.