Retro coffee table build

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Retro coffee table build

Post by ury2ok2000 » Thu Dec 14, 2017 6:33 pm

Looking for advice. I have some electrical experience though that was years ago (mainly soldering skills with wiring- but again, been awhile).

Ive gotten into collecting old consoles (snes / genesis etc) and I would like to make a coffee table that stores them. I plan on making an AV (red white and yellow connectors only) selector (would ideally like to use the one I already have as parts and mod it --the mod being that would like to use lighted push buttons rather than the dull ones that exist now and that pushing the button would also light a LED). All consoles would plug into an extension cord in the table (not going to be running more than one at a time). Additionally I have a glass top that I would like to use LEDs to light up when that console is selected (using a 3x2 book shelf but on its back - with a glass squares on each box top --will look like one large piece of glass though). So my first problem is that I need the table to rotate. I researched a bit and it seems like a Slip Ring would work perfectly (both for the AV and the power). The finished product would have one power cord coming from the table to the wall outlet, and one AV cord from the table to the TV.

Any issues that you experts might see that I would run into?

Have the bookshelf and some of the glass - still on the idea phase so ask away if any questions. Thanks for any assistance!


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