Experimenting with sound: record interactively and playback programmatically

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Experimenting with sound: record interactively and playback programmatically

Post by knowman » Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:59 am


I'm working on a project with the following functionalities:
  • Record few customized messages at a trigger effect, for example press and hold a button to start recording an additional message. Sounds are supposed to be saved to playback later
  • The allowed number of messages and their duration should be predefined programmatically, through setting constants in a program
  • Record specific messages to use as predefined messages
  • Play sounds back at a trigger effect in a customized way (e.g. in random order, over a loop, with customized time between each)
A simple voice recording/playback example is found in a recordable greeting card, but I need the customized behavior I described above.

I'm wondering what do I need in order to experiment with the ideas above. What I'm thinking about are a VS1063 Codec, Electret Microphone, a simple speaker and a microcontroller to orchestrate. Can you help make a list of all I need to make this project. Where can I find simple examples that experiment with such ideas?


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