BT adpter + audio DAC mod?

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BT adpter + audio DAC mod?

Post by val43 » Fri Oct 27, 2017 2:56 pm

Hey guys, I just subscribed because I'd like to figure out if this idea I had could be feasible.

So I have an old USB BT adapter (pcb GL2BDG92), and I have some USB headphones which have a tiny DAC + ADC (CM108).

I wonder..
1. can the BT adapter act as an audio receiver without a full PC and OS running it? do you supposed the digital audio signal needs to be decoded before being fed to the DAC board?

2. what would be the easiest way to send the serial data from the receiver to the DAC? what are the basic support they need to work, other than power of course?

3. what is the most basic USB host circuit?

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