Triangulation 3D scanner for robot navigation

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Triangulation 3D scanner for robot navigation

Post by rulla » Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:22 am
Here it is the link to my website where I describe my
3D Scanner project
It is a working point cloud scanner using the triangulation principle in conjunction with a laser line emitter and a camera. The data is small enough to make the scanner suitable for the navigation of small DIY robots.
No other sensor at this price (60€ total) can deliver the 3D scanning performance!
I have used a mBed LPC1768 @96MHz.
It' s such a long time I have been working on this... 7 years! The scanner is still not perfect, especially in the data filtering part, and I will appreciate A LOT anyone wanting to collaborate with me to develop the scanner' s subsystems.
Please feel free to ask anything!
PS the html site is still in construction, every day I add/adjust something.


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