General arrangement 2 x 10w RGB controller (12v)

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General arrangement 2 x 10w RGB controller (12v)

Post by itolond » Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:16 am

Hi Forum,

after some feedback before i dive deeper, Scenario:
I have standard 12v system running 3 carling switches (on/off), at the other end i have 2 x 10W RGB LED with 1 picobuck connected per inputs (e.g. 3 total per led)
From previous discussions best practice is to use MOFSET's to control the 12v to the LEDS from an arduino board)

The LED output required will be White (on), Amber strobe both and Blue alternate strobe. This will be based on the input from the Carling switches with n Bias to white (e.g.if 12v signal is detected on white then always white, next bias to amber strobe then lastly blue strobe), the logic here is any or all of the carling switches maybe turned on providing a 12v signal to the controller inputs (no intensity change only colours)

Any thoughts, red flags or guides?

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Re: General arrangement 2 x 10w RGB controller (12v)

Post by markaren1 » Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:48 pm

Can you put up a schematic of your ideas please, the description is ambiguous (at least to me).

Also, why not control brightness directly using PWM, it looks like the AL8805 (on the picobuck) could accept a 3V3 control signal directly from an Arduino...


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