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By kimgineer
Good day , i am working on my mechatronics project building an auto adjust microphone stand and i have some trouble choosing a sensor that fill fit to locate the mouth of a person. I hope someone in here that could help me, thank you ,Godbless
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By Ross Robotics
oh, that's a good one.. First you need to get the person's height. You can't put anything on the person, so maybe a distance sensor above the area facing down. Get the distance when no one is around, then place someone in place, get distance then subtract for the difference.. But there are variables that come into play; adjustable pivot point for the mic, is the person going to move? This idea will not put the mic right in front of the mouth, but can get fairly close. Maybe have the person adjust the mic at the pivot point?

Only other inexpensive way is to just have it motorized with a second person with a remote.
By Valen
Or a IR led and IR carrier pulse detector aiming diagonally upwards. As long as a reflection is detected move the motor to lift the microphone. Once the reflection is lost when the body and head is outside of the detection/emmision cone, stop the motor. Use another detector tilted in a lower direction to adjust the stand downwards.