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By Black_Stork
I'm posting here because I need guidelines from more experienced hobbyists and perhaps professionals.

My goal is to build balancing robot and learn a bit about PID controllers.
-First point would be to build balancing robot with already available libraries, without remote control. So basicaly just standing frame.
-Second, adding remote control over robot to make it go forward, back, and turn right-left.
-Third, implementing Kalman filter from scratch, implementing PID from scratch

Third point might be to hard for me, but if I accomplish first two I will at least have working robot.
- Teensy 3.2
- Pololu DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Carrier (H-bridge) -- >
- Bluetooth Module HC-05v2 *2 --> ... esults=279
- SparkFun 9DoF Sensor Stick LSM9DS1 -->
- 100:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor LP 6V -->
- Plastic wheels with rubber ring -->
- 4 tapped rods
- 2 plexi plates
- 2 AA(R6) baterries basket --> for powering teensy, 3V
- 4 AA(R6) baterries basket --> for DC Motors, 6V, you can also use 9V battery
- Arduino UNO R3(for powering master HC 05)

I already have assembled frame. Here are photos: ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing

And wiring (without pololu bridge unfortunately, so look at product page to see pinout): ... sp=sharing

1. How to calibrate gyroscope? How to interpret data from it? --> suggested library from sparkfun ... no_Library
2. What PID library will be the best for the task?