Arduino Morse decoder Project suggestion and rectification ?

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Arduino Morse decoder Project suggestion and rectification ?

Post by satabios » Tue May 17, 2016 8:10 pm

Ive been developing a project that takes the input from the users breathe in Morse format and converts intro English sentences and interpret them as audio signals and play the whole sentence. Almost a Morse decoder. Hence I wrote the coding in arduino such that for each exhale either from mouth. I'm developing this for the speech disabled persons such that they could converse using Morse .

The configuration I used are:

1.Arduino UNO

2.M213 High Sensitivity Sound Microphone Sensor Detection Module For Arduino AVR

Im attaching the code written uptil decoding the input to Morse and not to English and the circuit diagram. decode to morse

problems faced:

The dit is working fine but the dat from the input isn't ?

Moreover it requires a higher pressure from the nose to provide the input what are the changes that I have to make in order to reduce the pressure on my nose and make it easier for the user ,Do I have to change the microphone like MEMS microphone or should I change the threshold ?

After converting it into morse Ill convert it into text then to audio , What are the steps that I can take inorder to convert it into speech . options I found are either using a tts library but it doesnt sounds efficient else emic2 from sparkfun . which one is better ?

morse to english

Anything for the improvement of my project would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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