Trying to build user interface mock up/prototype

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Trying to build user interface mock up/prototype

Post by querque16 » Sun May 15, 2016 12:01 am

Hi All!

I am currently developing the user interface for an electronic device. I want to start mocking up and experiencing the User Interface with an iPhone.

From my smartphone, I am hoping to make the following things happen:
turn on/off a blinking or solid LED light (few colors) with a button/switch, turn on/off vibration (is there an external vibration module I can purchase?), play an audio file (.wav file). I am hoping to turn all three (light, vibration, audio) on at the same time with a button/switch in some instances or a combination of just two of these at the same time or just turn one on.

Any guidance you can provide would be helpful. My knowledge for this type of work is very VERY limited. I do not know how to code so I am planning to buy a blynk board.

Can I use one of these vibration motors with the blynk board?

I have taken 2 tech shop arduino classes: 'build an arduino board' where i soldered a bunch of parts onto an Educato board and 'basic programming' (the instructor and students were very advanced and it was way over my head).

Look forward to hearing from you!

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