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Did you make a robotic coffee pot which implements HTCPCP and decafs unauthorized users? Show it off here!
By henry_pet

I am a somewhat experienced programmer but new to Java. I am currently working through "Building Java Programs" using the JGrasp programming environment in Windows. This is quite abstract and I would like to be able to try out working with hardware. Is there a particular hardware/software platform someone could recommend?

Thank you.
Or a BeagleBoneBlack, will just run java jre no problems.

That tool appears to be a closed system, curious why they did not start with NetBeans, Eclipse or Jedit and build integration into existing work platforms. Netbeans would have been easy, a lot of the pieces are already out there. I'd doubt this kind of closed tool would get much traction in industry. We are using NetBeans and adding modules for all the custom stuff we do. Its pretty easy to add really, then we can deploy to all coders once its tested.