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By CamSweet
Hi all,
I'm a recently retired electronics professional that still likes to dabble at home. It kills me to order a couple bucks worth of parts from Digikey or Mouser and spend $8 in shipping. My local retailers don't have the selection I prefer. What's some of your resources for getting parts?

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By Ross Robotics
Same as you. For common parts, buy in bulk off Ebay. For the specific components, I buy Digikey but also buy a few extra for stock.
By lyndon
All the resources will charge about the same or more for shipping. I keep a list of stuff I need. When the list gets long enough, I order everything all at once. Also, buy in bulk when you can. I'm still using resistors I bought in 1996.
By MichaelN
I assume you're in USA? We're spoiled in Australia, where we get free next-day delivery from RS (no minimum order) and Element14 (minimum $AU45 for free shipping).

Their USA branch companies (Allied & Newark) don't offer free shipping it seems.
By CamSweet
Thanks!! I did a little more thinking and ordered and few things I needed.. Made shipping a bit more palatable..