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By Traxxtar
I'm having a hard time finding a solution for the following:

Need 12v 7Ah rechargeable to fit inside a large enclosure. I'd like the user to just plug a cable into a 110v wall receptacle to recharge the battery when it runs down.

I've been unable to find a ready made recharging circuit that I can install inside the enclosure. Does such a thing exist? I've seen lots of the tiny LiPo recharging circuits, but not one I can tie directly to 110v.

By Traxxtar
I think you misunderstood the request.

I want a 'recharging circuit' inside the enclosure, not a wall wart. I want the user to plug in a basic two-prong cable and that's it.
By waltr
Wall Wart to convert the AC mains to a low Voltage DC that then plugs into your enclosure to power the battery change circuit.

This is a safe method so you or a user does not come into contact with AC mains Voltage.
By johnfinx
You could get a KeyLine charger, cut off all but 2 inches of the 110v electrical cord, and solder it onto a generic computer power socket. Mount the socket through your enclosure. Then you can use any PC power cord. These chargers work well on sealed batteries, I use one on a robot project.