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By Blue Ice

I've been trying to find a cable like this on Mouser for a while and I haven't had any luck. It looks like this:


It should have 0.1 inch pin spacing, with 3 leads and female ends on both sides. What is a term that works on Mouser to find it? I've tried "3 lead cable", "0.1 3 lead cable", and other things but nothing seems to work. I would like a picture to appear alongside the product as well so I can check, so none of the VCC cables are very helpful.

Thanks! :)
By Dave Mueller
I don't think they'll have ready made cables like that, but maybe made to order. I think Digikey is the same. I've run across this with small pitch cables, even with a manufacturer part number.

I did find them at Parallax, but only in a kit, or a 68" version.

Try hobby shops instead of electronics suppliers, IIRC these look like servo cables.

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By Ross Robotics
Yep, they look like servo cables. You will find thousands on an auction site.
By waltr
Yep, they are female to female servo cables typically used to connect an RC RX to a Multi-rotor Flight controller board.
Most places that sell RC gear have these in various lengths.
Pololu carries them and also carries the parts to make them.