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I want to build a quadcopter with Arduino UNO, but I don't know how to connect these products: L3G4200D, ADXL345, BMP180 and MAG3110 to Arduino. I find this image in a tutorial of Sparkfun: ... 8b456f.png , but I don't know how many Logic Level Converter Bi-Directional I'll have to use. Can someone post a photo or sketch, please?

Thenks for the answers
My advice would not to connect them all at the same time. The first mistake made by beginners is to connect everything at once and getting it all to work right. Start with one module and get it working. Then do the next. Once all the modules are working nicely by themselves, then start adding one then the other. By the time you start adding more than one, you will have learned enough to do it yourself.
Both codlink and Mee_n_Mac are correct.
Work on getting one sensor at a time working and you will need a level shifter for the I2C.

You are also missing a very, very good resource. That is MultiWii code and boards.
This is open source code based on the Arduino for MutliRotors. So go goggle MultiWii and do a lot of reading. In the Wiki and the forums is info on using an Arduino board with added sensors. Also lots of info on the web with schematics of various MWC boards so it is easy to learn how to wire the sensos.