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By satacoy
I finally got a few hours this weekend to make the last few mechanical modifications. I was a bit nervous, it'd be a drag to really screw something up with the second to last cut.

I installed a few cable guides, along with the IR/Bluetooth module.

Image Image

With everything wired up, zip-tied and organized as best as I could get it, things are still a bit chaotic.


The next time around I'll definitely try to run fewer individual wires from one place to another. Using another 10 pin connector would have been good, rather than running individual connectors for different functions.


The only thing left to install is the light strip around the perimeter. I want to do this when I'm good and sure I don't have to take the frame apart again. I'll be using some 3M tape to affix the LED strip, it'd be a pain is the a$$ to remove.


I have some very conservative parameters set up for the balancing algorithm, and the thing is rideable, but isn't very agressive. My next move is to spend some time with the software so I can tweak those setting remotely to see which values feel "right".

By satacoy
I put the finishing mechanical touches on the board this weekend. Now it's just down to software.

The LED strip went on easy. There ended up being a total of 103 addressable LEDs on the strip.


Here's a comparison of the two boards. The new one is definitely lighter and sleeker than the original.


The LED strip really adds some flair.


I tuned the balancing variables and it rides quite well. It's definitely trickier to ride than the original, but much more maneuverable.

I've started documenting the overall project, and will post a link once that's polished up a bit. I have more software to refactor, more animations to add, etc before I consider this truly done. But it's been a great project so far. I'll also get some video shot of the board in action.

By satacoy
I've put together a "build report" up on the website:

I'll update this here and there as I refine things. I'm still waiting for some nice weather to shoot some video of the thing outside at speed. I'm also planning on doing a rewrite of the software to improve the organization a bit. So I'm not done, just winding down, and ready to move onto other projects. Thanks for following along!

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