How to use serial data software with PIC18F26K20?

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How to use serial data software with PIC18F26K20?

Post by treez » Fri Apr 28, 2017 6:14 am

Please could i ask how to use Realterm serial data acquisition program?
We want to load the debug output of our microcontroller to a file but we are not sure how to do this.
We have a PIC18F26K20 on a PCB , and we have connected to GND and the TX pin (pin 14) of PIC18F26K20.
The software engineer has loaded data into the PIC which will give debug data from inside the micro.
We need the data to see where the micro is going wrong in its software.

We know that we need "19200 bits/second, and 8 bits, parity , none"...we can see where to set that but not where to get the data downloading from the PIC to our PC.

The TX/Gnd wires from the PIC goes to a USB isolator, and then to our PC.....hopefully by the serial data software.

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Re: How to use serial data software with PIC18F26K20?

Post by phalanx » Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:02 am

What exactly do you mean by a USB isolator? Are you using an FT232? In any case, you need to use an RS232 tranceiver of some flavor to make the physical connection between the PIC (or any microcontroller) and the PC.


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