PG3B Programmer IC-Prog 1.06C & 24C02 HELP

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PG3B Programmer IC-Prog 1.06C & 24C02 HELP

Postby galileo259 » Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:32 pm

Hi all, I'm using the PG3B parallel port programmer for the first time. My laptop is running XP Pro SP2, the programmer software is IC-Prog 1.06C, the NT/2000/XP driver is enabled, ProPic2 selected & data out, data in & clock all inverted. I want to program a 24C02 EEPROM which I have inserted where the PG3B board shows an 8 pin device should be inserted, with pin 1 of the 24C02 pointing to the board side which has the power connector. The green power on LED is on & 24C02 is selected as device, but when I try a read operation I get "Reading Code (256) bytes" & after a short delay the message "No Acknowledge Received". I have put a meter between pin 4 (vss) & pin 8 (vcc) of the 24C02 & strangely this reads - 0.5 volts vcc with respect to vss. I haven't put ground on pin 7 (WP) of the 24C02 yet because at this stage I'm just trying to read the 24C02, so this shouldn't be necessary yet ?
Any help greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
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