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By jwatte
Thanks for posting the rules for the new venue!
I just realized that the posted course description doesn't set out the distance from the first corner to the shortcut.
I could eyeball it by measuring pixels, but that seems less ideal than being given an accurate measurement.

Separately: Is the idea that the secret hazard of doom is not know or described until the day of competition, or will we have some time to plan algorithms/sensors before the day of?
By CaseyD-SFE
Alrighty - what I understand is: The dimensions aren't currently given, but it can be modified to include those measurements. It's roughly 106 feet to get to the shortcut. Updates will come soon!
By jwatte
Thanks. I see the measurement now.
Separately, should I plan on not knowing the doom trap before race day, or will we get info before then?
By Selmo
Another Question on the same topic. 25 points for rounding each of 4 corners. Using the shortcut will you gain the points for 4 corners, or 2?