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By wholder
Any news, or updates? Even a few crumbs of information would be nice...

By SFE-Toni
It is still scheduled as far as I know for June 15th. The last update we have on this can be found here: http://www.sparkfun.com/news/947. I'm sure there will be more posts coming soon about it, so keep an eye out on the front page!
By wholder
It's now February and still no update on AVC? June 15 is not that far away and, for those of us coming from out of state, it would be really helpful to know a few details about the new venue and it's location so we can make travel and lodging plans. Not meaning to complain, but I do hope we can learn something soon.

By jennyjam
Yes really. I agree with you. There is no update on AVC even though it is February. I hope we get those updates soon.
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By SFE-Toni
Our marketing team and IT department are working furiously to get the registration system set up for this event, as well as getting the video posts together for the track layout and announcement. They are looking to get the announcements out in the next few weeks, so hopefully you won't need to be patient much longer!
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By shimniok
Good to hear! Thanks for all the hard work. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

I've been working on a few minor improvements for Data Bus here and there. It's high time to knuckle down and get busy with the big stuff. I'll be blogging about my efforts again this year.

Meanwhile, if anyone's interested in talking about AVC (or other autonomous rover topics), feel free to join former/prospective AVC competitors over on the diyrovers Google group.