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By shimniok
As I'm sure everyone here knows, last Saturday (6/16) was the annual Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition where ground and air robots run a timed race around the Sparkfun Building in Boulder. What a show! (I saw some of it but was mostly stuck in the pits trying to get my robot to work)

If you have pics or videos, or links to pics or videos, please share here as I'm sure competitors will want to see pics of their robots. :)

The ground winner, Team 0x27, 1/5 scale buggy

Pics my friend took: ... &k=dS2vs63

A couple of particularly good videos: -and-

Here's a write-up for my robot, Data Bus: ... n-avc.html

I am collecting AVC videos on this playlist:





I counted 34 ground vehicles out of 50 entrants that actually made it to the event. Of those I think something like 7 or 8 made it around the building? Anyone know the exact stats?

The air vehicles -- well, doing this in three dimensions isn't just 3 times harder. I have no clue how many made it or didn't... anyone ? Bueller?


(All pics above by Susan Brady)