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By Ynka
Hey, guys, I found this contest:

Win a Flyport Ethernet + 1 Lighting Nest + 1miniUSB Programmer to the best project idea!

[Flyport Ethernet is a miniature web server module featuring a fully integrated 10/100 Base-T ethernet interface and several interfaces to the ‘real world’. Flyport Ethernet integrates a 16 bit processor which runs custom applications and an Ethernet interface controller with integrated MAC & PHY, hardware cryptographic security and a unique MAC address. An RJ45 connector can be mounted on the module, or routed at external addons boards.]

Just a few rules:
1. Add a comment on the thread ... net-easter describing the application you aim to create using Flyport Ethernet and Lighting nest.
2. The winner agrees to share with the entire project with the Community (source code, description, maybe a video or pictures)
3. The contest starts on 27th March 2012 and it ends on 5th of April 2012
4. openPICUS Team reserves the freedom to choose the application that it considers most interesting

Good luck!